Personal Legal Advice

At the Law Office of Sean Reichert we strive to help you navigate the complicated laws effecting your personal financial picture. Our practice includes advising on personal bankruptcy, estate planning, and successions.

The law can be a powerful tool for preserving assets and income when you have a good lawyer helping you through the process. It is complicated creating an estate plan to pass your assets on to your loved ones or filing a bankruptcy to keep creditors from taking whats yours. Contact us for help navigating the complex legal processes.

Bankruptcy Law

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is commonly identified by two types of filings.  I will evaluate your specific situation so you know which type of bankruptcy the best for you.


Estate Planning

Creating and maintaining a legally recognized will or trust is smart personal planning. It provides you peace of mind and clarifies your wishes for your loved ones.


Louisiana Successions

When a loved one passes it is common to need to file a succession petition, even if there was a will. The completed succession identifies what is in the estate and those things can be distributed.